DAY2 Watford to Leighton Buzzard 40.3km

16 degrees in the morning in Watford.

A bit cooler than yesterday.

Feeling muscle ache her and there as I was kind of nervous yesterday(DAY1).

All I got to do is have fun.

Started at 7:30.

Sunday morning.

Very quiet in towns, on the road as well.

Once I got out of the town, I enjoyed running on a country road

where there were herd of cows, horses and sheep.

Some small hills gave me a tough run as usual.

Pushing up a buggy is not that easy because it takes the power of upper body.

Muscle aches occur on a shoulder, a neck, both arms and a back.

Experienced the first runner’s high after running about an hour.

Everything I saw looked so vivid, and colorful.

Amazing! Felt as if all the colors had got into myself and I felt like climbing the stairway to heaven.

Once I feel I belong to the earth, everything will be okay.

It takes a while to get used to traveling.

Hope my legs and the body will easily get used to it.

Anyway my trek has only just begun. I don’t have to hurry.

Focus myself on the very moment. Now is the time to have fun.

*Today’s Distance:40.3 km

*Total Distance from Big Ben, London:76.7km

*See More Photos

*PEACE RUN Running Around Europe

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