Day1 Big Ben(London) to Watford 36.4km

At 8:45 Kevin picked me up at a hotel and we head off to Big Ben.

Set up my buggy VIENTO2 for the departure.

Still heavy, not so light as I carried in New Zealand!

Atsuko, Kevin's friend joined us and we started to run but too many people on the bridge. We just had to walk.

Sunny and warm Saturday, there were so many people here and there it's hard to push buggy and walk.

After I said goodbye to Atsuko and Kevin, I ran alone.

Because of heat and jet lag, my pace was too slow. Every time I found a super market or food store I took a rest.

It was after 5pm when I finished running at a guest house in Watford.

Got to take my time to get used to the trek.

*Today's Distance 36.4km

*See more photos


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