DAY4 Northampton-Rugby 34.2km

11 degrees in my tent.

So chilly I had to wear a sleeping bag cover during my sleep.

Some young men were chatting near my tent but fortunately they never bothered me.

Still it’s not easy to go on.

Today too I had to run on a busy highway just 1km.

No sidewalk with very narrow shoulders where big trucks come and go.

I don’t want police officers to take care of me any more!

Another hard time…

While I entered public foot path, there was a special gate which kept cows and sheep from getting out.

Entrance was narrow for just one person.

I had to stop and take all the luggage off from my buggy and lift them up beyond the gate and loaded it again to go on.

That happened three times in total.

It’s kind of a hurdle race, isn’t it>

Sometimes I ran in the middle of the field.

Or on a bumpy road maybe for 4WD cars.

I often feel happy when running on a paved road.

At 3:30 I checked in at a hotel in Rugby.

Glad when I come back to civilization.

Hot shower and Wi-Fi…and food market make me feel good and safe.

Still DAY4, how many hard times I have to overcome?

*Today’s Distance:34.2km

*Total Distance from Big Ben, London:172.4km

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