London 220716

Woke up to find myself on a bed of a hotel near the Heathrow Airport.

Slept for 7 hours. Perfect and good sleep.

As I kept awake almost 48 hours, I was extremely exhausted.

Feeling good owing to high quality sleep.

Before noon, I walked out in town for shopping.

Found a grocery store, got some food.

Cost of living is high here in UK. In order to keep traveling, I got to save money.

Accommodation and food is what travelers got to think about.

Basically, what I try to do is running with less food and water.

Less eat and more run is the best.

I enjoyed brunch at the park eating sandwich and banana.

Green grass looks fine. Not so hot not so cold.

I guess it’s much harder to live in the heated summer in Japan.

Came back to hotel and took a nap about 4 hours.

Kevin, a friend of mine invited me to dinner.

It’s good to share peaceful moment with someone I meet along the way when I travel alone where I have nobody to talk to.

Supporters are always welcome. I need more information about the country I visit.

Tomorrow I start running in front of Big Ben.

PEACE RUN 2016 Running Around Europe starts at last.

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