50K6DAYS Day6

Final day of 50K6DAYS.

It’s hard to say how I feel before I start.

Glad I have come so far and also I feel kind of nervous I have to go the distance.

But once I started it’s alright.

Heat often annoys me a lot. I really feel the weight of my legs and body.

Running alone is kind of pain. Time and distance I run is my concern but they both lower the level of my run.

Piapi has been with me most of the time. She was on her bike and she rides the same distance as me by bike.

Two ladies Motoko and Keiko were with me today.

They both are ultra runners never minding such heat as this.

Women are stronger in general.

Tommy came not to run  just to say hello.

We ran in the shady trees for a while keeping away from sunshine.

So as to avoid boringness we talked and talked about running and so on.

Hooked in talk, time does fly.

We can forget we are running.

About 6pm I completed 300km in 6 days.

Looking back how hard a time I had spent, I was so glad to know I made it.

Compared to run in the Nullarbor Plain, Australia or the Mohave Desert, California, US, this run is much easier.

While I was running, I pictured what I had experienced out there in the desert remembering lonesome time, toughness and hardship

Basically, running is the activity which we enjoy by two legs of our own.

It has something to do with our mental management to travel all alone.

It’s really good for us to enjoy something tough and hard.

My PEACE RUN continues, still a long way to go.

There must be something I have to tell by running and traveling.

Wishing for WORLD PEACE as a peace messenger, I have to create harmony among people.

Once I start, I’m sure I have to finish until I get to the final goal “WORLD PEACE.”

I have to accept and enjoy whole process to the goal, which is also PEACE RUN.

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