50K6DAYS Day1

It's been a year I did this event for the first time in Osaka.

Yes, I did it as a mental rehearsal for Running Across NZ last summer, exactly in July, 2014.

August is the month when we stop to think about PEACE and I hold an event "WORLD PEACE RUN (Walk, Swim, Ride, etc)."

As part of the event, I made up my mind to run 50km 6 days in a row.

August 6 is Hiroshima atomic bomb anniversary and August 9 is Nagasaki atomic bomb anniversary.

It’s 70th Anniversary this year.

We must not forget what happened in our history.

It’s our duty to tell the story to the next generation.

I really appreciate PEACE that we share with people living in Japan.

I want to run 300km in 6 days with such an idea in my mind.

Today Day1, the highest temperature was 35 degrees in Osaka.

But we had thunderstorm in the afternoon, which kept me running in cool condition.

Piapi my wife was with me all day. She was on her bike.

We took a rest several times at convenience store and super market, too cold with air conditioner on, though.

I ran picking up garbage along the road.

When the sun shines hard, I run in shady trees.

How lucky we Japanese are to have convenience stores and vending machines here and there almost everywhere.

We have to appreciate such convenient society as this.

This event lasts until 11th.

*See more photos

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