We're Moving

Found a place to live in Tondabayashi, Osaka.

It's in  the south of Osaka City about 25km from Temmabashi.

About 50-year-old Japanese-style house looks so great we were surprised to see it.

The land is as large as 1000 square meters.

There are 15 rooms including dining kitchen and living room.

But it's too old to start to live now.  The roof leaks partly and some windows are broken.

We need to renovate here, there and everywhere of the house.

 back view of the house

Drawing room

View from Japanese room with tatami mats

Front view of the house, the entrance had been hidden by the grasses before we cut

I still have my room in an apartment house in Iga, Mie.

Before I leave Japan for Europe, I have to move out of Mie carrying everything I have in Mie.

That's why my PEACE RUN 2016 Running Around Europe starts in late July.

I haven't decided exact date of the departure.

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