Hiroshima 062915

Hiroshima has a sad story, it’s true but Hiroshima has become such a great city after overcoming the tragedy.

Both people and town are nice.

People come from all over the world.

It’s not only because the Gembaku Dome(Atomic-Bomb Memorial Dome) was designated a World Heritage Site but also because people here are kind and gentle.

I asked some tourists from abroad how they had found the city of Hiroshima.

“Local people are very nice and towns are beautiful.!

“I love food here in Hiroshima.”

“It’s sometimes hard for us to communicate because most of the local don’t speak English but they’re always trying so hard to make themselves understood.”

“There is a lot of beautiful nature here in Hiroshima, such as mountains and rivers.”

I’m glad most of them gave positive answers to my question.

Even though we are strangers, love can give more than words.

It finally create peace.

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