Desert Memories

On November 27, 2014 I was running on Desert Road, North Island, New Zealand.

64km between Turing and Waiouru, surrounded by isolated scenery, I had to keep running without speaking with anyone.

No towns and no shops either.

There was a pass elevation about 1000m on the way but after that I could enjoy long downhill till I got to the next town.

Gusty wind caused sand storm, which naturally reminded me of Mohave Desert, California, USA or the Nullarbor Plain, Australia.

The lesson that I had learned from the desert run was we human beings can become one-pure-selves in the desert landscape, much purer than we used to be.

It might have been time for me to come back to original my-simple-self and also it was the time for me to go forward to the next dimension.

I hope I will be buried in the sand of the desert after my death.

I guess I can travel riding the wind again…

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