Enjoyed running together with my pals at KOBE TOMOSU RUN on 16 Saturday and 17 Sunday.

It was a memorial event for Great Hanshin Earthquake that happened in 1995.

We ran around the city of Kobe to visit memorial monuments.

Most of bridges and torii, a gateway to Shinto shrine, made of stone were broken down then.

After the quake, some of them have been left just as they were.

It's been 21 years since that tragic earthquake occurred.

I often wish I had been in Japan to know what was happening on January 17 because I was in New Zealand for cycling tour at that time.

Now Kobe is a busy and active city where there are many tourists from abroad here and there.

We can never forget 1.17 as well as 3.11.

That's what we should hand down from generation to generation.

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