Appeared On TV again

I appeared on TV on NHK, Japan's national public broadcasting organization o Friday 13th.

It was a news program called “OHAYO NIPPON(Good Morning, Japan)” and it introduced some special footwear available in Japan.

I was featured as one of the serious One-Tooth Geta(OTG) users.

Wearing 15-centimeter-OTG, I started walking and strolled around Tondabayashi including Jinaimachi, which is one of the national historic preservation districts and heritage sites of Japan.

>> http://www5d.biglobe.ne.jp/~heritage/english.html

Former residence of the Tanaka Family(Built in 1892) was seen for a few seconds.

Also I tried jump roping with OTG on. It may be impressive for athletes. I’m sure many runners want to try on OTG.

This OTG is called “SCAPPA” which is as light as 250g, developed especially as a training tool for athletes or runners.

*One-Tooth Geta Club

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