Pray For Kyushu

It's been almost 4 weeks since I last updated this blog.

Of course there have been so many things to tell you but...

It's because of Kumamoto Earthquake that occurred on 14th and 16th this month.

Some friends of mine lost their houses and have had nothing to eat or drink for a while.

In Kumamoto and Oita area, local people have less time to sleep well where the aftershocks are continuing even now.

About 27,000 houses got partially damaged and about 2,000 houses got completely destroyed.

37,000 people were forced to live as refugees at the evacuation site such as gymnasium.

Some of them stay overnight in their cars as they are afraid to return to them because of aftershocks.

Some volunteer groups drove their cars and delivered relief supplies to people in the stricken area.

We also collected relief supplies from our friends via Facebook wishing those will be their relief (photo above).

Hope the tremors of the earthquake will stop right now and also hope they will get their ordinary life back as soon as possible.

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