DAY35: DayOff @Porto


Day off in Porto. Took a walk around the city with no map and Google map. The place I visited happened to be a famous place. There are no particular place I want to see but I can never forget stop by at supermarket to get food. That's the favorite time for me.

At lunch time at hostel, I met up with Peter from Hungary. He's 19 years and wants to be a photographer. We talked a lot especially about travel. He's young, young enough to have many possibilities. I envy him but I believe that 63 year-old adventure runner also have possibilities in the future.

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DAY34: Moreira-Porto


Left Moreira at 8AM. It's just 12km to Porto.

As I got closer to Porto, there were more sidewalks. But traffic became busier and more people on the sidewalks. In fact I was not able to run.

Traffic jam on the intersection. City center was quite busy.

Porto is No.2 city in Portugal, next to Lisbon the capital.

Many people from all over the world visit Porto. 

Today temperature rose up to 25 degrees. This was the first sunshine and blue sky I've seen for the first time since I entered Portugal.

Tomorrow I'll take a day off. So many things to do but first I need to take a rest. And then I'll head to Lisbon.

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DAY33: Barcelos-Moreira


Left Barcelos at 6, just before the sunrise.

Foggy weather soon it became scattered rain.

Today I followed the regular Camino route. The paved road is narrow with no shoulders. Even if there's a sidewalk, it's not wide enough for my buggy.

When I ran on the highway, there was a kind of traffic jam behind me.

Local highway doesn't seem to welcome me.

On the forest trail, then stone-paved road. When it's wet, I got to be careful not to slip down.

Wet weather but in the afternoon, the sun showed up sometimes.

I'm glad it's not so hot.

I met up with some pilgrims but not so many as I've seen on French route.

I guess some people walk along the coast.

At 2pm I checked in at a hostel in Moreira. Today I ran 37.9km.

Tomorrow I head to Porto and take a day off.

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DAY32: Ponte de Lima-Barcelos


Owing to time zone's changing, I started 6:30 earlier than usual.

Followed the regular route of the Camino partly but mainly on paved highway. No shoulders and trucks and bus scared me sometimes.

Rained on and off. Needed rain jacket. Sun showed up in the afternoon. Temperature is 20 degrees. When the sun shines it's hot.

Before 3, I finished to check in at a hotel in Barcelos.

Single room tonight too.

And washed clothes with washing machine for the first time in a while (not by handwashing).

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DAY31: Tui-Ponte de Lima


DAY31. Left Tui at 7am. Soon I crossed the Minho River, then I entered Portugal.

It was cloudy early in the morning but it started raining as soon as I entered Portugal.

There were some steep hills with rocks and bumps. The road is basically unpaved mountain road, although it is partially paved by stone.

I don't care about any rugged road because I've experienced the Pyrenees.

Only stone-paved trails were so slippery that I wasn't able to run.

Highway is okay with low grades but unpaved roads are sometimes higher than 15 percent(sometimes 20 percent).

At 4:30pm, I arrived at the hotel in Pote de Lima.

Today I'm staying at single room.

Wet weather. I got soaked into my shoes.

Because of rain, I didn't see so many pilgrims.

Portugal welcomes me with rain...

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DAY30 Pontevedra-Tui


Day30. Left Pontevedra at 7am just before the sunrise.

I followed a highway and the regular route for the Camino.

I had a quite steep hill and head winds were blowing sometimes.

I kept saying "Hola! Buen Camino!" to the pilgrims who were coming this way.

I usually run downhill but I cannot run today because I'm kind of tired.

It's been one month since I started this journey. It's getting kind of boring.

I need to reset and refresh myself each and every day.


DAY29: Faramello-Pontevedra


Day29, Started at 7am.

Followed both paved highway and gravel Camino route.

No more steep hills.

Temperature from 9 to 28 degrees. I cannot tell which season I'm in.

I was busy with greeting "Hola! Buen Camino!" To pilgrims who had come from the other way.

Some of them replied me but some ignored.

But I keep on greeting.

At 4pm, I checked in at alberugue in Pontevedra.

I saw Tour de France at community kitchen.

Tomorrow is another day. No mistakes in it...

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